Remove mosaic view from service catalog


Remove the mosaic view from the service catalog of the user portal.


Remove the mosaic view from the service catalog of the user portal.

Note: This extension will fail to install if the mosaic view has already be removed from the service catalog. Also, you must define the default view to something else then mosaic or the portal will crash.


Before removing the mosaic view


After removing the mosaic view


  • Unzip the extension
  • Copy the molkobain-portal-rm-mosaic-service-catalog folder under /extensions folder of your iTop
  • Run iTop setup & select extension Portal: Remove mosaic mode from service catalog

Your folders should look like this
Extensions folder


Option 1 – Standard portal

No configuration needed.

Option 2 – Customized portal

If you customized the user portal, you will have to check/modify 2 things on the datamodel.molkobain-portal-rm-mosaic-service-catalog.xml file of the extension, then run an iTop setup.

  • Portal ID: If your portal ID is not itop-portal, change it to your custom ID on line 4.
  • Service catalog brick: If you are not targetting the standard service catalog, change the brick ID on line 6 (services) with yours.

Additional information


iTop 2.4+





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