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Easily manage & visualize your racks, enclosures and datacenter devices.

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Easily manage & visualize your racks, enclosures and datacenter devices.

  • See at a glace where your devices are.
  • Check which attached devices have no position set.
  • Easy positioning with Drag & Drop.
  • Complex enclosures support.
  • Rear panel & zero-u devices support.
  • Occupancy rates in real time.
  • Power & weight capacities.
  • Toggle obsolete devices easily.
  • Consistency checks & audit rules.
  • Location typology and basic hierarchy.
  • Full support for english, french languages.
  • And more…

Pro features - Rear panel support


Access device’s main information on hover

Get detailled information on elements by hovering them (Fields to display are easily customization through the configuration file).

Overview - Device information


Identify specific devices type

Highlight device types by hovering the legend.

Overview - Legend filtering


Drag & Drop

Drag & drop elements in the graphical view to easily set their position instead of manually editing each elements!

Pro features - Drag & drop


Complex enclosures

  • Support for complex enclosures like HPE BladeSystem c7000 or any form factor via a grid system !
  • From vertical server-blades to devices with heterogeneous widths / heights
  • Integrated layout wizard

Enclosure layout design

Pro features - Enclosure layout wizard

Devices positioning on enclosure

Pro features - Complex enclosures


Rear panel support

  • Available for both racks and enclosures
  • Automatically shows occupancy on the opposite panel

Pro features - Rear panel support


Occupancy rates

  • Keep an eye on your racks and enclosures occupancy rate in real time
  • Distinct indicators for front and rear panels

Pro features - Occupancy rates



Power capacity

Keep an eye on your racks power consumption:

  • Fill devices expected consumption
  • Max. expected consumption on each rack & enclosure is automatically computed
  • Compare it with contracted power and actual power reading

Pro features - Rack power consumption


Weight capacity

Keep an eye on your racks & enclosures weight capacity:

  • Fill devices weight
  • Cumulated weight on each rack & enclosure is automatically computed
  • Compare it with the maximum weight allowed by the element itself or the server room specs

Pro features - Weight capacity


Consistency checks

Optional consistency checks are made on elements during creation / update:

  • Overlapping elements
  • Malpositioned elements (outside rack’s / enclosure’s grid)
  • Total elements’ height exceeds rack’s / enclosure’s capacity

Pro features - Consistency checks


Audit rules

Comes with a bunch of audit rules to keep your datacenter vision clear:

  • Production elements should have position set when attached to a rack or enclosure
  • Positioned elements should be attached to a rack or enclosure
  • Positioned elements should have Rack units attribute set
  • Positioned elements should not overlap another one
  • Positioned elements should not be outside its rack’s or enclosure’s (exceed height or malpositioned)

Pro feature: Audit rules to keep your datacenter vision clear


Reserved slots

Two new object classes to better describe your racks and enclosures:

  • ReservedSlot: Reserve space in a rack / enclosure for any future usage or element.
  • MiscEquipmentSlot: Mark space as used for patch panel or cable management for example.

Pro features: Two new object classes to better describe your racks and enclosures


Custom classes

You have some custom classes (not derivating from DatacenterDevice) that you would like to use in racks and enclsoures? No problem! Just register them in the custom_device_classes config. parameter, make sure they have the required attributes (see documentation) and they will automatically appear. 👌


Zero-U devices

Manage devices with non standard size / positioning such as USB drives, vertical PDUs, non rackable devices, … Just mark them as such to make them appaer in the bottom-right panel of their host, easy as pie!

Pro features - Zero-U devices


Misc. options

  • Us order: Reverse Us order per rack / enclosure to fit your set-up
  • Enclosure layout: Either display enclosure’s elements or just the number of elements in it

Online demo

You can try this extension on the online demo. There are already some racks, enclosures and devices mounted as an example. Just click on the links below to access it:



  • Unzip the extension
  • Copy the molkobain-datacenter-view-extended folder under /extensions folder of your iTop
  • Run iTop setup & select extension Datacenter view extended

Your folders should look like this



Full documentation available here.

Additional information


iTop 2.4+


Multiple Applications License, Single Application License


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