Multiple timezones display

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Allow users to view or edit dates & times in their own timezone

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Allow users to see or edit dates & times in their own timezone instead of the server’s default one. Perfect for:

  • Companies with employees or customers accross several countries
  • Planning changes safely with everyone seeing the right time (no more math!)

Wizard Step 1 - Choose an option

User setup

Easy on the users with a simple wizard to set up their timezone, they can either choose to let the app find their timezone and adjust it when they travel…

Wizard Step 2 - Either let the app guess your timezone

… or they can choose a specific timezone and stick to it (useful when working with a remote team) …

Wizard Step 2 - Or choose it yourself

… and, that’s all! Timezone can be changed at any time in the user preferences.

Wizard Step 3 - That's it!

How it looks

Any dates & times attributes in the UI will automatically be converted, a small icon indicates that it is now displayed in the user’s timezone. (see limitations). Works in both the backoffice and the end-users portal.

Backoffice lists

Backoffice: Dates & times in lists

Backoffice object details

Backoffice: Dates & times in object details


Portal lists

Portal: Dates & times in lists

Online demo

You can try this extension on the online demo. By default timezone is set on auto but you can change it in the user preferences. Just click on the links below to access it:


Known limitations

IMPORTANT: Before buying it, make sure you have read the following limitations

For the moment some parts of the application are NOT compatible with the timezones due to limitations of iTop APIs:

  • Notifications
  • Imports / exports
  • SLA computations are made based on the iTop server timezone, but on the user’s
  • [iTop 2.7 only] Tables that are automatically refreshed
  • [iTop 2.7 only] Backoffice log entries can’t be converted due to lack of metadata



  • Unzip the extension
  • Copy the molkobain-multiple-timezones-support folder under /extensions folder of your iTop
  • Run iTop setup & select extension Multiple timezones support

Your folders should look like this

Installation folders


Full documentation available here.

Additional information


iTop 2.7+


Multiple Applications License, Single Application License


Change log


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