Attributes description tooltip


Inform your users about the purpose of object fields with small tooltips.

? is added next to the attribute’s label to indicate that a description is available for an attribute.


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Display a tooltip on object’s attributes (console only). A ? is added next to the attribute’s label to indicate that a description is available for an attribute.

Works with all objects (standard / from extensions / custom made), but only attributes for which a description exists will be affected.

Can be set on any field, to provide a long description to explain the usage of a particular field. This description can be more explicit to explain the meaning and expected usage of the field.

Description comes from iTop’s dictionary entry 'Class:<CLASS_NAME>/Attribute:<ATTRIBUTE_CODE>+' => 'Some description about the attribute'.

As part of the standard datamodel, only few fields have such description documented, especially because it is specific to the way an organization uses iTop. But with this extension, it’s a good opportunity to enrich your dictionnary with business tooltips for online guidance to your users.

Note: By default iTop has not much descriptions, if you want to add some, you have to add dictionary entries.

Question mark to indicate available tooltipsDescription indicated by "?"

Tooltip appears on mouse hoverTooltip appears on mouse hover


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  • Unzip the extension
  • Copy the molkobain-console-tooltip folder under <PATH_TO_ITOP>/extensions folder of your iTop
  • Run iTop setup & select extension Attributes description tooltip



Full documentation available here.

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iTop 2.3 to 2.7





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